17 March 2023

News: Buy SUNOCO lubricants – get a van NISSAN NV1500!

SUNOCO TRADING offers its clients to join the «Partner Program» and immediately get a NISSAN NV1500 van for daily delivery of SUNOCO lubricants.

The Program is easy and transparent – all you need to do is to buy SUNOCO products according to the agreed plan and use the car from the beginning. After the successful implementation of the plan, the partners have an opportunity to get the car into their ownership.

The car is branded according to the SUNOCO corporate standards with the partner’s contact information, which helps to increase the brand awareness as well as directly affects the image of the partner company.

The duration of the Program is from 12 months. Upon its completion and subject to fulfillment of the purchasing plans, the partner receives a motivation payment, which compensates the purchase costs and rental payments (in accordance with the terms of the Program the car is transferred on a rental basis). As a result, a member of the SUNOCO Partner Program will receive a powerful, big, and reliable van NISSAN NV1500.

You can get more information about the Program directly from the SUNOCO TRADING LLC – the official exclusive importer of SUNOCO lubricants by calling +38 (044) 33-44-556 or sending a request to contact@sunocoukraine.com