02 April 2022

News: One-liter canister of engine oil for a heavy-duty truck

This sounds quite unusual, because everyone is used to associating large-sized equipment with barrels or canisters of large capacity. And this is understandable – for one complete replacement of the oil in the engine you need at least 20 liters.

Another issue is the need for mandatory oil top-up in the diesel engine during the operation of the car because the amount of oil gradually decreases due to its consumption. For such cases it is possible to carry a large container with oil, but is it convenient?

Consumption of engine oil by a diesel engine is a normal phenomenon, and the manufacturers of diesel engines themselves indicate this in their instructions for use. Considering the performance of diesel engines, we want our customers to feel comfortable with SUNOCO products, so we also pack modern truck engine oils in quart canisters (0.946 liters), which will certainly be useful when you need to add small amounts of oil to the engine. Also, they are convenient to carry, store and use – “refill and throw in the trash”. And the marking on the canister will always protect against misuse if there is oil left in the canister for later refill.