21 March 2022

News: Why change your engine oil regularly?

The fact is that engine oil gradually oxidizes and loses its performance properties, which means that it does not provide engine lubrication well. In addition, when you use oil in the engine, its oxidation process is significantly accelerated, as combustion products of fuel, dirt and products of engine parts wear constantly enter and accumulate in the oil, and the oil is also affected by high temperature. To prevent engine damage due to loss of oil, all automotive manufacturers recommend a specific API/ACEA quality oil, its viscosity and the desired oil change interval. Following the engine oil change interval allows you to remove accumulated dirt, wear products of engine parts and ensure optimal lubrication of engine parts with fresh oil in a proper time. And there is no difference – the engine of a car, grader, tractor or truck – regular and timely change of engine oil is the main guarantee of long-term and trouble-free engine operation.

SUNOCO engine oils are available in a wide range of viscosities according to SAE and meet the strictest requirements of API/ACEA, so in the SUNOCO range you can always choose a high quality and suitable engine oil for replacement in cars, graders, tractors, trucks, etc.

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