01 February 2023

News: Get a quart of SUNOCO oil as a gift!

From February 1 to April 30, 2023 order a canister (gallon / 3.78 liters) of synthetic engine oil of US brand SUNOCO and get a quart (0.95 liters) as a gift!

 The terms of the promotion apply to the following oils:

  • SUNOCO ULTRA FULL SYNTHETIC SAE 0W-20 (API SP/ILSAC GF-6A), #7433-003 + 7433-001
  • SUNOCO ULTRA FULL SYNTHETIC SAE 0W-30 (API SP/ILSAC GF-6A ), #7413-003 + 7413-001
  • SUNOCO ULTRA FULL SYNTHETIC SAE 5W-20 (API SP/ILSAC GF-6A/GM 6094M), #7443-003 + 7443-001
  • SUNOCO ULTRA FULL SYNTHETIC SAE 5W-30 (API SP/ILSAC GF-6A), #7453-003 + 7453-001
  • SUNOCO ULTRA FULL SYNTHETIC EURO PLUS SAE 5W-40 (API SN/CF, ACEA A3/B4-12), #6533-003 + 6533-001
  • SUNOCO ULTRA SAE 10W-40 (API SP/ ILSAC GF-6A), #7503-003 + 7503-001

SUNOCO resource-saving engine oil that meets the strict requirements to the latest performance categories API SP and ILSAC GF-6A, due to carefully selected synthetic base oils and the latest additive packages they provide less resistance to moving engine parts, reduce friction, reduce warm-up time at low temperatures, and, therefore, help the engine to operate with high performance and lower fuel consumption.

Read more about where to buy promotional oils at the link.