22 May 2023

News: Sunoco SUNIZOL PAG 46 oil for refrigerating systems

New in SUNOCO product range in Ukraine is a special oil for refrigeration SUNOCO SUNIZOL PAG 46. This is a fully synthetic Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG) oil with outstanding lubricating properties that can withstand high temperatures and pressure.

SUNOCO SUNIZOL PAG 46 is primarily designed for refrigeration systems that use HFC (hydrofluorocarbon) refrigerants. This type of refrigeration oil is recommended for both automotive and stationary air conditioning systems, as well as commercial and industrial refrigeration systems.

SUNOCO SUNIZOL PAG 46 oil is typically used in conventional automotive air conditioners with HFC-134a coolant. It lubricates and protects compressor parts, a critical component of the air conditioning system. It should be noted that the oil is also effective for hybrid and electric vehicles that require an oil compatible with electric compressors.

The oil can also be used in commercial refrigeration systems such as refrigeration and freezers, showcases and transport refrigerators. These systems operate with HFC coolants R-404A and R-507. Other oil applications are large-scale refrigeration systems in the food industry, and chemical plant cold rooms. These systems can use a variety of coolants, including ammonia, HFCs and natural coolants such as CO2, propane, butane. SUNOCO SUNIZOL PAG 46 is also used in residential split air conditioning systems operating with coolants such as R-410A.

It is important to note that different refrigeration equipment may have different requirements for refrigeration oil, including viscosity, pour point, and compatibility with refrigerant. Therefore, it is always important to review the equipment manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines to ensure that the proper type and grade of refrigeration oil is used for the specific application.

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