Hydraulic oil SUNOCO R&O 150 (4603)

Product Description:

SUNOCO R&O OILS are highly refined, rust and oxidation inhibited hydraulic oils developed to meet the requirements of hydraulic and circulating systems. The additive system in SUNOCO R&O OILS has been approved as meeting the requirements of most major pump manufacturers and machine tool builders.

SUNOCO R&O OILS are designed for use in vane, rotary, gear pumps, and compressors, along with circulating systems and machine tools. Centrifugal air compressors, air tools and other pneumatic equipment lubricated through airline lubricators, lightly loaded enclosed industrial gear boxes that do not require a compounded or extreme-pressure (EP) gear oil, electric motor bearings, vacuum pumps, deep water well pumps, steam turbines and hydroelectric turbines, both direct drive and with gear drives, marine turbines all benefit from the use of SUNOCO R&O OILS.

SUNOCO R&O OILS are characterized by outstanding performance in preventing rust, oxidation, foaming, air entrainment and many other factors that occur in typical hydraulic systems. They have outstanding thermal and oxidative stability, excellent demulsibility, good film strength and foam resistance, and protect against rust and corrosion.