Product Description:

SUNOCO PELLET MILL GREASE is a premium high temperature lithium complex grease. It contains extreme pressure and other performance additives and is purposely designed to withstand the pressures found in pellet extruding operations. SUNOCO PELLET MILL GREASE is suited for harsh operations, including those found in industrial, agricultural, and mining applications.

SUNOCO PELLET MILL GREASE has been formulated with an ISO 460 base oil viscosity for outstanding film strength, exceptional high and low temperature performance and protection from wear, rust and corrosion. It has excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance and a low coefficient of friction to improve mechanical life and reduce energy consumption. SUNOCO PELLET MILL GREASE has excellent mechanical stability and water resistance, as well as good resistance to high temperatures, making it especially suitable for slow speed bearings carrying heavy loads.

SUNOCO PELLET MILL GREASE is a 1.5# grade grease that provides excellent service life for bearings under heavy load. Suitable for all heavy-duty applications where wear, water, and harsh conditions are of concern including, pellet mills, steel mills, cement plants, paper mills, chemical processors, mining, agricultural, construction, etc.