Product Description:

SUNOCO SYNTURO SPORTIVO 5W-50 is a totally synthetic PAO high-performance oil. Fully synthetic lubricating turbo engine oil for the most demanding working circumstances in all seasons. Particularly suitable for usage in cold-temperature regions. Formulated with PAO synthetic bases and the latest additives, including organic molybdenum to reduce friction between metal surfaces drastically.

– Extremely good fluidity at low temperatures, even at -25° C.
– Maximum protection against wearing, oxidation, varnish and rust-formation.
– Excellent high-temperatures and high-shearing properties.
– Very low volatility, avoiding oil consumption.
– Engines are kept extremely clean internally.
– Compatible with exhaust gas catalysts.
– Fuel economic thanks to a low lubricating oil viscosity, especially useful in case of frequent short-trip driving.
– Complete engine protection.
– Its high viscosity index provides it with excellent fluidity at low temperatures and guarantees the engine protection at high temperatures.

– Recommended for all types of gasoline, diesel and LPG engines, with or without turbo charging, in latest generation passenger cars (also with multi-valve engines).
– For high-performance engines in sports vehicles, competition (rally, off-road, …) and other high-power engines that operate under severe conditions.
– Extremely suitable in cold environments.
– For engines in vehicles subjected to high revolutions, extreme speeds, sudden changes in speed and strong terminal changes.