Automatic transmission fluid SUNOCO SUNAMATIC ATF ZF8 (MC042)

Product Description:

SUNOCO SUNAMATIC ATF ZF 8 is a full synthetic automatic transmission fluid. High performance fully synthetic lubricant for automatic transmissions. Specially formulated for its use in 6-speed and 8-speed automatic transmissions, developed by ZF, in order to ensure a troublefree operation.

– High resistance against oxidation and corrosion.
– High shear resistance.
– Its high viscosity index ensures optimum lubrication at both high and low temperatures.
– Excellent oxidation and thermal stability, longer service life.
– Very low pour point, can be used at very low temperatures.
– Compatible with the joints and elastomers commonly used.

– Especially designed for 8-speed automatic transmissions.
– Also suitable for 6-speed transmissions.
– Those transmissions requiring any of the specifications which this product meets.