Spindle oil SUNOCO SPINDLE OIL 10 (8393)

Spindle oil SUNOCO SPINDLE OIL 10 (8393)

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Product Description:

SUNOCO SPINDLE OILS are high-quality, paraffinic oils designed to lubricate high-speed machine elements. These products contain excellent rust and oxidation properties and are ideal lubricants for many machine tool spindles, especially grinders. SUNOCO SPINDLE OILS contain a proprietary mix of zinc free additives and demulsifiers to protect yellow and silver metal and ensure long equipment life.

SUNOCO SPINDLE OILS are formulated with high quality base stocks to provide excellent lubrication, resist oxidation and corrosion, and provide long service life. Their superior properties provide for excellent performance, extended maintenance intervals, longer spindle bearing life and increased productivity.

SUNOCO SPINDLE OILS are suitable for use in oil mist, pressure and bath lubrication of plain or roller bearings and their associated clutches. They are specifically designed for applications not requiring anti-wear or extreme pressure additives due to the increased risk of corrosion.