Concrete form release oil SUNOCO MOULD OIL UNIVERSAL (ST062)

Concrete form release oil SUNOCO MOULD OIL UNIVERSAL (ST062)

Product Characteristics:


Product Description:

SUNOCO MOULD OIL UNIVERSAL is a dismantling fluid. Demoulding agent, of light consistency, formulated with a balanced blend of high refined paraffinic bases, antioxidant additives, polar additives and sticking agents. It leaves a thin film between the mold and the molded product, so that it does not “stick” with each other. In this way, even if the part is complicated in shape, the demoulding is carried out easily, leaving the work well presented and without stains.

– Its polarity helps form a homogeneous film on the moulds, obtaining an excellent surface finish.
– Excellent unloading power gives a very smooth surface.
– Longer lifetime of the forms due to good protection against corrosion and unloading power.
– Causes no discolouring and has no negative effect on future finishing of the concrete.
– Easy to be fixed, even at low temperatures. To be used pure.

– Modern, low viscosity, dismantling fluid suitable to be used on steel, wood, plastic or plasticized concrete forms.
– Indicated for demoulding prestressed and vibrated beams, as well as centrifuged tubes.