22 September 2022

News: SUNOCO lubricants for special equipment help maintain its reliability and extend its service life

Expensive and complex modern special equipment (excavators, bulldozers, graders, loaders, cranes, etc.) work in very difficult conditions associated with extreme loads, dust, humidity, temperature fluctuations. Therefore, this equipment requires careful maintenance and usage of high-quality lubricants.

SUNOCO specialists have years of experience in lubricants and know exactly what is needed for special equipment. SUNOCO has a range of engine and gear oils, hydraulic and wet brake fluids, greases, and antifreezes for special equipment.

SUNOCO oils and greases:

  • improve the performance of special equipment components;
  • increase the reliability of operation;
  • extend the service life of equipment;
  • reduce fuel and oil consumption.

SUNOCO oils contain many additives that reduce wear, bind water, carbon, sludge and metal particles, and neutralize acids. Lower fuel consumption also reduces carbon dioxide emissions, helping to protect the environment.

SUNOCO oils are high quality oils with a high level of properties. They are officially licensed by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and meet the high standards of API CK-4, FA-4, SP, as well as approved by the leading manufacturers of special equipment Allison, Eaton, Detroit Diesel, Volvo, etc.

We offer the use of genuine SUNOCO lubricants for the maintenance of special equipment. SUNOCO lubricants meet the high standards required for special equipment to maintain high efficiency and low operating costs during its entire service life.

The following products are the most popular among SUNOCO customers for special equipment:

    Semi-synthetic high quality engine oil for heavy duty diesel engines. Effective for all types of diesel engines, including those with Euro VI environmental standards and extended service intervals (up to 500 hours and more).
    Mineral high-quality engine oil for all types of diesel engines of off-road and special equipment. This oil is effective for engines with EGR and SCR systems that use diesel fuel with a maximum sulfur content of 0.5%.
  • SUNOCO ULTRA GL-5 80W-90
    Reliable high-quality oil for mechanical transmission units, working under extreme loads. Effective for all types of manual transmissions, including hypoid and bevel gears, differentials, where API GL-5 oils are recommended.
    Premium quality universal hydraulic gear oil. Designed for use in modern transmissions, main gears and hydraulic systems of tractors and off-road equipment.
    Premium universal torque transmission oil for power-shift transmissions, hydrostatic transmissions, torque converters, final drives, wet brakes and hydraulic systems in Caterpillar and other off-road, construction or mining equipment.
  • SUNOCO SUNVIS 832(846) WR HV
    Multi-purpose hydraulic oils with high anti-wear properties that meet the requirements of most hydraulic equipment manufacturers. They are used in hydraulic systems and controls of presses, cranes, booms. Especially effective in equipment, which is exposed to high temperatures and/or high loads.

You can find a complete list of SUNOCO lubricants for special equipment in the brochure on our website at this page.