12 October 2022

News: SUNOCO special lubricants for owners of RENAULT cars

High quality oils by SUNOCO trademark were extended in Ukraine by motor and gear oils that are recommended to be used in RENAULT cars.

Synthetic engine oil SUNOCO SYNTURO CRYSTAL C4 5W-30 produced using “Low SAPS” technology and specifically designed for modern diesel engines of Renault Group equipped with diesel particulate filters (DPF). First of all, they are environmentally friendly engines up to Euro 6 standard inclusive, where it is recommended to use oils meeting Renault RN0720 requirements. Besides a wide range of models with particulate filters this oil is also suitable for some Renault cars without them, such as Laguna, Kangoo and others.

SUNOCO GEAR GL-5 SUPERFLOW 75W-80 synthetic energy-saving oil is especially designed for owners of Renault cars with manual transmissions. This oil has been developed for manual transmissions of French automobile brands such as Renault, Peugeot and Citroën. It should be used when the API specification GL-5 Renault and/or when the manufacturer recommends a low viscosity gear oil SAE 75W-80.

For more information on the oils, see Sunoco Synturo Crystal C4 5W-30 and Sunoco Gear GL5 Superflow 75W-80.