Hydraulic oil SUNOCO SUNVIS 810 (4203)

Product Description:

SUNOCO SUNVIS 800 HYDRAULIC OILS are highly refined, premium quality, anti-wear hydraulic oils recommended for use in a wide range of applications. Designed for use in piston, gear pumps, and vane pumps used in industrial and mobile hydraulic systems, SUNOCO SUNVIS 800 HYDRAULIC OILS provide exceptional wear protection for pumps, motors, and other hydraulic system components. All grades have very good oxidation resistance, rust and corrosion protection and foam resistance to provide long service with minimal upkeep.

SUNOCO SUNVIS 800 HYDRAULIC OILS utilize highly refined base stocks for long service life, robust anti-wear technology for exceptional protection and resistance to oxidation, rust, corrosion, and foaming and offer superior component protection and smooth power transmission. SUNOCO SUNVIS 800 HYDRAULIC OILS also offer a high dielectric strength for applications requiring an electrical insulating fluid.

SUNOCO SUNVIS 800 HYDRAULIC OILS are designed for a variety of applications including hydraulic systems, mining equipment, and moderately loaded gear sets, as well as for general purpose lubrication.