05 May 2022

News: SUNOCO: the excellent taste of your truck!

Commercial truck deliveries in our country can easily compete with rail shipments, if not by the total weight of cargo transported from point A to point B, but by the territorial coverage. And to provide such important logistics for the country, hundreds of thousands of trucks – from urban light-duty vans to powerful large trucks – move along the roads every day, confidently covering long distances.

Maintaining the proper technical condition of such equipment is one of the main tasks, whether it is the driver, if he is the owner operator and looks after his “babycakes”, or the maintenance department of a large fleet company with a whole staff of mechanics, service engineers, etc. It is not a surprise, because when a truck fails to reach the destination, it immediately “destroys” all the supply chains from manufacturer to end user.

That is why a lot of attention is focused on the quality of used spare parts and lubricants during the planned and, therefore, timely maintenance. For sure, this allows significantly extend the interval of continuous and trouble-free operation of the truck, minimizes its downtime and, the most important, saves money for unpredictable maintenance with the much higher cost than savings using cheap lubricants, which often attract “questionable” suppliers of little-known brands.

The range of SUNOCO lubricants of the world-famous US brand can easily meet the requirements of the oils of almost all commercial vehicle manufacturers. SUNOCO heavy-duty engine oils are licensed according to the latest specification API CK-4 (it is also typical for passenger vehicles engine oils, which are licensed according to API SP). Not a surprise that SUNOCO engine oils can be used confidently in commercial vehicles with Tier 4 engines, and their high level of performance allows them to be used in diesel engines, for which any previous category of API class C engine oil is recommended.

One of the most popular SUNOCO commercial vehicle engine oils is a high-quality SUNOCO SUPER C SYNTHETIC BLEND 10W-40 CK-4 engine oil. It is recommended for a wide range of diesel engines equipped with exhaust treatment systems and helps significantly increase the life of the engine EGR- and SCR-systems. Excellent performance characteristics of this oil allow its use in diesel engines of trucks, generators, pumps, agricultural and off-road equipment.

If the fleet of a company contains a lot of different vehicles, which, in addition, need different types of fuel – diesel, gasoline, or gas, in this case, the risk of using the wrong type of oil increases dramatically. Sure, the equipment will not break down instantly, as it can happen when you fill the tank with diesel instead of gasoline or vice versa. However, prolonged usage of the wrong engine oil can cause very undesirable consequences. Therefore, in such cases, mechanics can be assisted by a series of multipurpose SUNOCO SUPER C-3 GOLD (10W-30, 15W-40) oils, formulated with a view to their possible application in engines of buses, trucks, heavy service equipment, light-duty trucks, or stationary equipment, which use natural gas, diesel or gasoline as their fuel.

In addition, SUNOCO’s wide range of high-quality mineral and synthetic gear oils will satisfy the most demanding lubricant consumer for this application.

If you use SUNOCO lubricants, we assure you that your truck has excellent taste. And this taste is SUNOCO.