15 May 2022


The SUNOCOCO ULTRA ULTRA FULL SYNTHETIC SP/GF-6A product line of US engine oils provides comprehensive engine protection and promotes high levels of fuel economy. The oils meet and even exceed the latest industry standards. They are made to guarantee better lubrication and protection of gasoline engines in passenger cars and light trucks, even under severe operating conditions. All SUNOCO ULTRA FULL SYNTHETIC SP/GF-6 oils meet the highest quality standards SP of the American Petroleum Institute (API) and GF-6A of the International Lubricants Standardization Advisory Committee (ILSAC). As a result, this product line of SUNOCO engine oils will provide car owners with improved fuel economy and extended protection against component wear, reliable protection against Low-Speed Premature Ignition (LSPI) in direct injection turbo engines and prevent deposit formation.

This product line of engine oils is designed to preserve engine and turbocharger longevity, for reliable protection against wear, LSPI, sludge and varnish, oxidation, and corrosion, even when using gasoline-alcohol-based fuels. Engine oils are made using a special technology with improved cleaning properties, which helps to maximize the performance and efficiency of engines, especially those operating under severe conditions: frequent stops, transportation of heavy cargo.

SUNOCO ULTRA FULL SYNTHETIC SP/GF-6A oil is available in five viscosity grades: SAE 0W-20, 0W-30, 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30. They are characterized by improved fuel economy, adapted viscosity characteristics, effective friction modifiers and better thermal stability. These features help drivers and mechanics reduce the cost of engine operation and maintenance.

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