26 February 2022

News: SUNOCO TH FLUID – the driver of your machinery

The engine is the heart of every machine. However, without a transmission the machine cannot operate, so it must also be monitored for proper operation. Many modern agricultural and off-road vehicles from various manufacturers are equipped with the so-called “powershift” transmissions, which together with other transmission components are lubricated from a common oil tank. This is possible due to the usage of special UTTO oils (they are called hydraulic transmission oils), the composition of which provides the necessary level of lubrication of various parts of equipment units.

Thus, UTTO oil is used for the lubrication of heavily loaded transmissions, differentials, final drives, hydraulic systems, power steering systems, wet brakes, PTO shafts and hydrostatic drives of agricultural and off-road equipment. Therefore, the UTTO oil must be of good quality, meet the requirements of the equipment manufacturer, and be replaced in a timely manner.

SUNOCO TH FLUID is a worthy representative of high-quality UTTO oils with excellent performance properties and compatibility with many different models of agricultural and off-road equipment. The whole list of oil specifications and advantages of its use can be found in the technical description at https://sunocoukraine.com/product/transmisijno-hidravlichna-olyva-utto-sunoco-th-fluid-4413/

It should be noted that this oil has a freezing point of -44°C, which means that in our climate it can be used all year round.