03 May 2022

News: Agricultural solutions by SUNOCO

The newest giant harvesters, powerful tractors (and we already know that they can pull not only a harrow) – these and other modern agricultural machines astonish and delight the average person, because sometimes they look like a spacecraft. The work they perform is different from ordinary trucks, and the operating conditions of these technics are different – an extremely high specific load at relatively low speed, high temperatures and constant increased dustiness. That is why serious requirements are imposed on the technical condition and maintenance of such equipment, including the quality of technical fluids and oils used. Lubricants used in agricultural equipment must be resistant to temperature, chemical and mechanical destructions, must resist oxidation and protect moving lubricated parts from wearing during the whole period of use.

SUNOCO heavy-duty commercial vehicle engine oils do an excellent job. One of them is SUNOCO HEAVY DUTY SUPER HPD 15W-40 (API CI-4; ACEA E7), because it is a high-performance multigrade engine oil for heavy-duty diesel engines with and without turbocharging, with or without intercooling and with direct or indirect fuel injection. Especially recommended for low-emission EURO V engines without particulate filters (DPF) and compatible with engines of previous generations – EURO I, II, III and IV. Thanks to its excellent dispersant and detergent properties, which prevent the formation of deposits and sludge, this oil provides exceptional engine cleanliness, which is the most important condition for long-term engine operation.

Specialized universal oils, which most farmers know as UTTO (Universal Tractor Transmission Oil) or hydraulic transmission oils, are worth special attention. Their main purpose is to be the only oil for many equipment units – hydraulic and power steering systems, heavy-duty transmissions, differentials and main gears, “wet” disc brakes, hydrostatic transmissions, and power takeoff mechanisms. Thanks to their multipurpose properties, storage is optimized, and the risk of incorrect oil application is reduced. SUNOCO TH FLUID – a reliable oil, a representative of the highest quality oils UTTO, has excellent performance and is compatible with a wide range of different models of agricultural and off-road equipment of world manufacturers. SUNOCO TH FLUID oil has exceptional low-temperature properties for operation in a wide range of ambient temperatures and reliably protects the key lubricated components of the equipment from wear and scuffing. A complete list of SUNOCO “agricultural” multipurpose oils can be found at the link on the site of the official exclusive importer of SUNOCO lubricants in Ukraine https://sunocoukraine.com/product-category/agriculture/