23 April 2022

News: SUNOCO SUPER C SYNTHETIC BLEND 10W-40 CK-4 is an engine oil for various applications

First, this oil has been created for diesel internal combustion engines of commercial vehicles equipped with exhaust gas treatment systems. Thanks to the reduced ash content in it you can considerably extend the service life of ERG and SCR engine systems. Moreover, this oil is made with the addition of synthetic base oils and can withstand heavy or extra heavy-duty machinery operating conditions. In other words, it is an API CK-4 quality level engine oil for commercial vehicles and equipment with EURO 5 engines and higher. In addition, its level of properties completely overrides the previous requirements for oils, and the oil itself can be used in engines for which any previous category of API class C is recommended.

Thus, SUNOCO SUPER C SYNTHETIC BLEND 10W-40 CK-4 oil has a wide range of applications in diesel engines of trucks, generators, pumps, agricultural and off-road equipment.

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