17 November 2022


SUNOCO SYNTURO DYNAMIC 5W-30 will soon appear on the shelves of Ukrainian auto stores. This is a modern fully synthetic low viscosity and energy saving oil with unique properties. The main features of this oil is compliance with the ACEA A5/B5 and Ford M2C-913D specifications.

Characteristics of ACEA A5/B5, which require reduced oil viscosity at high operating temperatures and high speeds, provide real fuel savings even in modern heavy-duty engines. Synthetic bases and special friction modifiers give exceptional oil film stability, reduce friction, maintain proper pressure in the lube system and help reduce oil consumption for burnout.

Ford M2C913-D is specifically designed to meet the latest specifications for Ford gasoline and diesel engines. In addition to extra fuel economy, it guarantees resistance to high operating temperatures, oil viscosity stability throughout the service interval and engine cleanliness.

Despite the fact that SUNOCO SYNTURO DYNAMIC 5W-30 oil is ideal for Ford Focus and C-Max cars, most Land Rover and Jaguar models, it also provides reliable engine protection for BMW, GM, MB, Renault, VW and other cars in accordance with the recommendations of automakers.

More information about the oil at the product page.