26 December 2021

News: What's the benefit of checking the oil level?

According to a recent survey 75% of British drivers never check the oil level of their engines. However, it is essential that the oil level is kept between the minimum and maximum marks on the dipstick.

A low oil level in the crankcase causes the residual volume to lose its properties more quickly: the base oil oxidizes, and the additives deteriorate. As a matter of fact, less oil cannot withstand high temperatures, dirt, poor heat dissipation, does not clean the parts, prevents corrosion worse, deteriorates lubrication. As a result, engine parts wear out, overheat, and gradually deteriorate. In the worst case it can lead to a major maintenance.

High oil level results in increased pressure in the crankcase and gradual squeezing of seals, which can lead to sudden leakage at the most unexpected moment. Increased resistance makes it difficult to start the engine in cold weather. The formation of fouling in the engine cylinders increases, which can lead to lodging of the oil rings. Excess oil through the crankcase ventilation system enters the combustion chamber and then into the exhaust system, contaminating the catalytic converters and particulate filters. This forces the regeneration mode of the exhaust systems to run more frequently, which leads to their excessive heating and reduces the service life of all elements.

Using premium oils of the USA brand SUNOCO will help get rid of both “dipstick problems”. Low NOACK values (oil loss due to evaporation at high temperatures) ensure that the oil level won’t drop below the minimum mark due to excessive combustion. And a handy transparent ruler on the canisters allows you to accurately measure the required fill volume during maintenance, preventing overfilling above the maximum mark.

With SUNOCO your car is always on the run.